Find business partners


It is not easy to find a trustworthy business partner in a foreign country. Today, the Internet makes the process much easier than it used to be. Nevertheless, what you can find on an official website of most companies is just general contact details like an email address or phone. The language barrier is what often deteriorates the efficiency of these communication channels.

A good solution to consider is cooperation with our agency as we know exactly how to find business partners in Ukraine. Our staff will help you locate interested companies and their executives involved in the decision-making process. Then, we can help you to prepare a strong commercial proposal or customize your one in accordance with the real situation on this market. You may rest assured that your offer will be translated professionally to make a general idea and all the details 100% clear to whom it concerns.

As we have been in this business for years, we hold an extensive database of manufacturers in Ukraine and their contacts not explicitly available online. This means boosting the productivity of your communication. 

Another obstacle you may face trying to navigate on your own is that so many companies in Ukraine, even quite big ones, actually do not offer an English version of their website. So if you are not good enough in Ukrainian or Russian, this can be a problem. Using online translation tools or hiring a translator kill productivity and can result in misunderstanding or failed contacts. This also means that regular browser tools will not return Ukrainian-speaking pages in search results. For example, most of the small Ukrainian suppliers of agricultural products will be just lost with this kind of approach.


For your convenience, we offer 3 service packages to help you to find a prospective partner in this country:

"Basic" Package

We learn about your business and needs and provide you with a list of potential suppliers or buyers for services or goods you focus on. You will get such details as general contacts, phone numbers, an official website, and email.

"Business" Package

With this package, you will additionally get contact details of a person in charge of engaging new partners.

"Optimum" Package

In addition to the Business package’s services, you will get your commercial offer translated into Russian and sent to all prospect partners. Also, we’ll contact the recipients on your behalf to find out if they are interested in going on negotiations.

We can arrange your visit to meet Ukrainian manufacturers and establish direct relations. The service involves picking you up at an airport and your transfer to the destination, booking a convenient hotel, making appointments with an executive in charge and providing a professional interpreter.

We can also offer such auxiliary services as gathering full information concerning your prospect partner and their business, buying samples and checking the product quality, examination of logistics options with cost minimization in mind, finding out customs rules and certification requirements related to your products, etc.