Our Services

Entering an unexplored market is a big challenge for small business and a huge corporation alike. Just some difficulties to mention are:

  • A language barrier;
  • The necessity to get familiar with the market’s specifics;
  • Local laws may be different from those in your country;
  • Strangers often fall victim to bad actors.

We are here to reduce the risks and eliminate the obstacles. The partnership forging process will go smoothly and efficiently if you decide to commission some tasks to our company. Possessing the extensive knowledge of the local market and a database of suppliers in Ukraine, we can help you at every step of your journey, from preliminary negotiations to reveal a potential interest to arranging your visit to execute a contract.

    Here is a summary of the services we offer:

  • Finding prospect partners who are really interested in collaboration with you, be it manufacturers, service providers or your potential customers.
  • Business partner reliability check in Ukraine;
  • Giving expert advice on customs clearance and certification;
  • Drawing up a contract or business papers in accordance with local traditions and laws as well as translation services;
  • Assistance during the negotiations;
  • Arrangement of your meeting with Ukrainian prospects;
  • Assistance with finding and contacting local providers of brokerage and logistics services;
  • Conducting research of a specified market or industry in Ukraine;
  • Participation arrangements for a fair or another business event;