How to Find a Business Partner?

A person can rarely do business alone, without the assistance of relatives or partners. Sooner or later you ought to find a reliable business partner. But it’s not always achievable to meet such a person nearby.

There is a very wise idea. “To find a great business partner, you need to become such a person yourself”. And this is not at all meaningless. Partnership implies mutual benefit, so you must clearly understand whether you are ready for an equal return.

Probably you should take into account the opinion of the famous American investor and businessman Robert Kiyosaki. Describing an example of his profitable partnership, he outlined 3 major factors capable of making any example of business cooperation successful:

Partners must share the same investment philosophy. Your opinions on how and where to invest money should clearly coincide. Otherwise, you should be aware of the inevitable conflicts;

It is ideal if your experience and knowledge complement each other. The smaller the information gaps in your chosen field, the higher your efficiency will be;

Business partners should stick to a common development and expansion strategy. It must be worked out at the very beginning in order to understand where the whole team should go. This will allow you to work in a single direction, without making any unnecessary decisions and movements;

 Where to find business partners?

Today, many are interested in the question of how and where to search a business partner. There are different ways of solving this problem:

Business clubs. Entrepreneurs meet in such clubs in order to exchange experience, find money for the realization of an interesting idea and vice versa, to find a good companion. There are certain stages of accept and filters, so there are no “outside” people at such parties. You should be ready to pay an entrance fee to become a regular guest at such business industry events.

Charity events. Today it is quite a popular activity among the owners of different small and large businesses. Thematic parties, presentations and parties are held to help people in need and also get new partnerships at the same time. People initially come to them for a specific purpose, so it will be quite easy to meet and find interesting contacts for building up a business.

Business schools. All kinds of business trainings and master classes, seminars, workshops, meetings with business gurus are included to this category. At such events it is possible to have a significant conversation with interesting people and make very useful contacts. And also you learn something new at the same time. Of course, such training meetings cost money, but in most cases the investment pays off in the nearest future when you find the right partners or customers.

Trade shows and thematic business events. Thematic conferences, summits, forums and tradeshows are the best places to find the people who share the same interests as you do. You can meet new people and experts, establish new partnership and customer connections, exchange preliminary agreements and even instantly sign new contracts. This is a great opportunity for any businessman to improve his connections – in one or a few days, you will immediately get acquainted with dozens of potential companions and clients.

Speed business dating. Everyone knows about speed-dating, when a couple has a few minutes to tell the most interesting things about themselves. But such acquaintances are also held for businessmen who are looking for partners. Although, of course, there is no point in waiting for famous businessmen and corporate owners to visit such events. But aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups often take the opportunity to acquire new connections for adding up the relevant information in business directories of their own.

Specialized companies. You can contact companies that specialize in finding business partners for their clients. It is especially popular when companies want to expand their activities and find business partners abroad. In Ukraine such specialized company is FebGroup. It can help you to find many new companies in Ukraine – your potential business partners – and also to arrange the first stage of negotiations with them, to help you avoid many challenges related to entering a new market.

The must-have qualities for a business partner:

The most significant recommendation when selecting a person for the business partnership – weigh everything up, keeps all the tips and your own plans in mind, work with a person for a while, and only then offering him or her a full partnership. Use the professional assistance of FebGroup in order to work with a competent and trustworthy career partner and create a truly successful future together.